[b]记一些发展必要的东西[/b] 已证实电池盒没坏,但是因其充电效率级慢看起来像坏了一样 堆发电机并不能增压,在低压阶段不要做一堆发电机 nei显示的处理时间是最低配置的处理时间,如果效率够的话会提前完成 [b]电力时代[/b] wiki原文: [b]The Electric Age[/b] Steam will still be your main power production for a while but at some point you'll start to feel the need to store all this energy, maybe to use later at a much higher rate, or just because you have a fuel excess you are already burning anyway. You may also be interested in other energy types like MU or LU, renewable energy, or just want higher-tier, more efficient and powerful machines. For all these needs, at some point you'll have to step up to the Electric Age. The Electric Age is not a completely different Age from the Steam Age. Actually in the beginning you will use a lot of Steam to create your Electricity. So don't scrap away your set of pipes and engines; you're going to use these almost the same way, to power up batteries. These batteries will then power electric machines, which are much more efficient than the Steam ones. Make a ton of stainless steel until you can make a Distillation Tower. Put Oil into it and light the front until you have enough plastic pulp to make a plastic sheet (preferably in Low Heat Extruder, through Crucible /Smelter + Mold will do). Make a press and combine it with quartz dust to make a Circuit Plate, then make Circuit Wiring (Copper) and combine them in the Press to make a Circuit Plate (Copper). You will need crystalline silicon. You need to smelt Certus Quartz, Quartzite, or Flint until it turns into Silicon Dioxide, then combine it with carbon or dark ashes in the Mixer to make Silicon Dust. Make a Chromium or better crucible. (You can make a Niobium Titanium or Meteoric Steel crucible at this point instead, but the process for making Titanium is very complicated and Meteoric Steel requires a very rare drop from rocks on the ground.) Find an platinum vein (Height 40-50) and mine enough Iridium Ore for 7 plates (or find some in chests). Be very careful not to overheat your iridium ore as the melting point for iridium is only 6 K below the melting point for the Chromium Crucible. Make an iridium crucible and then use it to make a Crystallisation Crucible. Use your silicon in it with Helium, Neon, or Argon (which you can get by centrifuging air or smelting Monazite in the Smelter) and you get a Silicon Boule, which you can cut into crystalline plates for Circuit Parts which are used in the Press to finish the Circuit Board, which you then combine with molten Lead in a Bathing Pot to make a Circuit T1 (Basic). Or use better Parts and molten Tin for the better Circuit T2 (Good). Your starting batteries are made of Lead and Sulfuric Acid. No canning machine required, just use the empty hull on the Tap from your acid Tank or Mixer. Then get some Battery Alloy from Lead and Antimony (following a 4:1 ratio), to assemble the correct number of cells into a battery. Later cells can hold more energy, like the Akaline (Zinc-Manganese), Ni-Cad, or two types of Lithium cell. Charging your batteries means creating electricity first, and for that you'll be needing a Steam Turbine and an Electric Dynamo. The Turbine produces RU and this energy is consumed by the Dynamo to make EU. Connect a Steam Turbine, a Dynamo, and a Battery Box together and put Lead-Acid Batteries in there. They will slowly charge up as the Turbine receives Steam. The materials involved dictate Steam requirements and the generated EU. As with the basic machines, be careful when you're crunching your numbers to decide what to build and read all the tooltips. Advanced machines may explode by using the improper Voltage or Amperage... [b]Electricity[/b] The two main aspects of electricity, Voltage and Amperage, are modeled in GT6. This means that instead of following a simple tier system, where you just have to make sure the numbers of two tooltips match (32EU/t in a wire, 32EU/t in a machine), GT allows you to feed a variable amount of electricity in your machines, so that you can slightly underpower or slightly overpower a machine, like you did with Steam albeit sometimes involuntarily because of Boiler calcification. Too large of a deviation will result in either an inactive machine or an exploding one. Always plan ahead. Electric machines and wires, are defined by their ability to support Voltage and take in Amperage. The product of the two is power, expressed as P=VI where P is Power, V is Voltage, and I is Amperage. As long as you're careful with these two values, everything should be fine. Amperage is defined by the number of batteries you use at once in the battery charger. 1 battery means an Amperage of 1, 2 means an Amperage of 2, and so on. So you can tune your Amperage in real time if needed. Voltage is more like the EU tier you are used to. Machines need to support the circuit Voltage to be able to let the Amperage do its work. Voltage is also your basic tier converter with IC2 setup, so you can use a Polarizer/Magnetizer combo with Tin Cable powered by a Battery Box, for instance. When you have a solid electric charging setup, you should consider crafting Solar Panels, because renewable energy alleviates the need for fuel for your batteries, and mostly because it'll require a lot of thinking, crafting, and general GT machine usage to do so. IC2 nuclear energy can then be considered too, but of course be careful around radioactivity, and the blast radius. Finally, you have electric tools, laser technology, the Robotic Age, and many other things not covered in here that will help you automate more and more steps in more and more complex work processes and production chains... One final word: GT6 is in continuous developement so feel free to check in regularly to see everything new. And, as always, good minin' and good craftin'! 机翻: [b]电气时代[/b] 蒸汽仍将是你的主要电力生产一段时间,但在某些时候,你会开始觉得需要储存所有这些能量,也许以后以更高的速率使用,或只是因为你有燃料过剩,你已经燃烧无论如何。你也许对其他能源类型感兴趣,如MU或LU、可再生能源,或者只是想要更高层、更高效和强大的机器。 对于所有这些需求,在某种程度上,你将不得不步入电子时代。 电时代并不是完全不同于蒸汽时代的时代。实际上,在开始的时候,你会用大量的蒸汽来创造你的电力。所以不要扔掉你的管子和引擎,你要用同样的方法来给电池供电。这些电池将为电动机器提供动力,这比蒸汽机更有效。 做一吨不锈钢直到你能制造蒸馏塔。把油放进去,点亮前面,直到你有足够的塑料浆来制作塑料板(最好是在低热挤出机中,通过坩埚/冶炼机+模具)。制作一台压机,然后与石英灰混合制成电路板,然后制作电路布线(铜),并在压机中将它们组合成电路板(铜)。 你需要晶体硅。你需要闻一闻Certus石英、石英或Flint直到它变成二氧化硅,然后在混合器中将它与碳或深色灰烬混合制成硅尘。制作一个铬或更好的坩埚。(你可以在这点上制造铌钛或陨石钢坩埚,但是制造钛的过程非常复杂,陨石钢需要从地面上的岩石上滴下一滴非常稀有的东西。)找一个铂矿脉(高度40-50)并且开采足够的铱矿来制造7个板块(或者发现在箱子里)小心不要过热,因为铱的熔点只比铬坩埚的熔点低6K。制作铱坩埚,然后用它制作结晶坩埚。把硅和氦、氖或氩一起使用(你可以在冶炼厂里通过离心空气或熔炼独居石得到),然后得到一个硅球,你可以把它切成晶体板用于印刷机上用来完成电路板的电路零件,然后把它们结合在一起。在熔池中熔融铅,制成电路T1(碱性)。或使用更好的部件和熔融锡更好的电路T2(好)。 你的起动电池是用铅和硫酸制成的。无需罐头机,只需使用空壳在您的酸罐或搅拌器的龙头上。然后从铅和安蒂莫尼获得一些电池合金(按4:1的比例),将正确的电池数量组装成电池。后来的细胞可以保存更多的能量,如AkAlin(锌锰),Ni-CAD,或两种类型的锂电池。 充电电池意味着先发电,为此你需要一台蒸汽轮机和一台电动发电机。涡轮产生RU,这个能量被发电机消耗以制造EU。将蒸汽轮机、发电机和电池箱连接在一起,并把铅酸电池放在那里。当涡轮收到蒸汽时,它们会慢慢充电。所涉及的材料决定蒸汽需求和产生的EU。与基本的机器一样,当你处理你的数字时要小心,决定什么是建立和读取所有的工具提示。 先进的机器可能会由于使用不当的电压或电流而爆炸。 [b]电[/b] 电力、电压和电流的两个主要方面是在GT6中建模的。这意味着,在一个简单的层系统中,你必须确保两个工具提示的数量匹配(一个线中的32 EU/T,一个机器中的32 EU/T),GT允许你在你的机器中输入可变量的电,这样你就可以稍微降低功率或者稍微超过A。机器,就像你用蒸汽一样,有时因为锅炉的钙化而不由自主地发生。过大的偏差会导致不活跃的机器或爆炸的机器。总是提前计划。 电机和电线是由它们在Amperage的电压和承受能力来定义的。两者的乘积是功率,表示为P=VI,其中P是功率,V是电压,I是安培数。只要你小心这两个值,一切都会好的。 安培数是由电池充电器中一次性使用的电池数决定的。1电池意味着安培数为1, 2,意味着安培数为2,等等。因此,如果需要的话,你可以实时调整你的安培数。 电压更像你习惯的EU层。机器需要支持电路电压才能让安培数起作用。电压也是你的基本层转换器与IC2设置,所以你可以使用一个偏振器/磁化器组合与锡电缆供电电池盒,例如。 当你有一个坚实的充电设置,你应该考虑制作太阳能电池板,因为可再生能源缓解了对电池的燃料需求,主要是因为它需要大量的思考,制作,和通用的GT机器使用这样做。IC2核能也可以被考虑,但当然要小心周围的放射性和爆炸半径。 最后,你有电动工具,激光技术,机器人时代,还有许多其他的东西,没有覆盖在这里,这将有助于你在越来越复杂的工作过程和生产链中自动化越来越多的步骤…… 最后一句话:GT6是在不断发展,所以随时检查定期看到一切新的东西。 和往常一样,good minin' and good craftin'!